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Truck Caps & Accessories  at Walton Location

Ask for John

A.R.E. truck caps and lids are custom built by the factory after your order is placed to fit your specific vehicle. Each year changes are made in the truck industry that require these caps/lids to be made to order. Each cap/lid is then custom painted to match the DuPont color code for your vehicle. There are many shades of black and white, not to mention all the colors between.

When ordering any truck cap/lid you MUST bring the vehicle to the store for measurements and color code retrieval. Delightful Days does have some used truck caps in stock that may fit your needs at a reduced cost. Call and ask for John.

Truck caps are only the beginning. Brush guards, bug shields, bed liners, bed rugs, step bars, Access Tonnue covers, window vents, and so many more items to spruce up your vehicle. Many of these items are custom ordered as well to fit your specific vehicle.

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Truck Caps by A.R.E with many options, color matched based on Dupont color codes.
We can also provide many of your truck accessory needs such as brush guards, step bars, window vents, bug deflectors and many more.
Bully bars to protect and spruce up the front of any truck. Stainless steel chrome plated made to last a lifetime.
Tonnue covers when a truck cap is not your style. Custom installation provided by the Delightful Days staff.
ACCESS Tonnosport covers are some of the very best made. We at Delightful Days are a gold dealer for the ACCESS Tonnosport covers. Stop by and see what we can do for you.